Our History

Many revolutionary products first saw the light of day in a garage. Such was the case of the first Ledlenser. When Harald and Rainer Opolka founded the company Ledlenser in 1993, they really didn’t have much more than a garage, an old Atari
computer, a set of tools, a drawing pad and around 1,000 Deutschmarks of seed capital. But that didn’t stop them from turning many a night into day with their flashes of genius, working hard and dreaming of great success during their few
hours of steep each night.

A dream that would soon became reality; nowadays the former garage company is an international torch, headlamp and worklight manufacturer, unmatched on a worldwide scale.

With over I,500 employees we share the aim of getting a little better every day – and indeed in everything we do. We are therefore continually extending our product and accessories range, scrutinizing even tried and tested ideas, and increasingly relying on sustainable energy sources.

As a company we invest profits in training programs and company housing for employees in China, get involved in social projects and initiatives that foster ecological practices.