The new P-Series Torches and H-Series Headlamp – Light Redefined ​

For many years, people in need of the perfect handheld torch for a multitude of applications have trusted our legendary P-series. If they needed to combine free hands with perfect illumination, they trusted our H-series headlamps.

This latest reincarnation of our most important lights is far more than a revision; it is a revolution in lighting. With class leading new features and technologies, significantly more power and the new CORE – WORK – SIGNATURE concept, we are future proofing our portfolio and increasing its appeal to a wider audience of users.

The torches and headlamps in the CORE line form the heart of the new P-series and H-series.​

They follow the great legacy of the famous P- and H-series and in doing so, combine a proven and tested history with new technology. CORE lights deliver outstanding illumination and are indispensable for everyday or on-the-job use.​

The WORK line torches and headlamps are specifically developed for flawless illumination in challenging work environments.​

Built on a CORE line foundation with enhanced features that are particularly useful in a workplace setting – e.g. increased protection against blows, drops and chemicals, optimised light with natural colour reproduction. Useful accessories are included as standard with many of these lights. ​

Our SIGNATURE models represent the premium line of the new P-series and H-series.​

These high-end torches and headlamps combine all the functions of the CORE models yet offer enhanced brightness levels compared to their CORE or WORK counterparts. Additionally, these lights offer a larger range of integrated features, as well as an even wider range of accessories included as standard. ​

Waterproof (IP Rated)

The new flex seal technology means that your light is dust and watertight, even when adjusting the focus. This gives you the certainty that your light will keep working no matter what conditions you encounter on your adventures or in the workplace

Smart Light Technology Reinvented

Customise your light just the way you desire it. We have improved this technology so you can choose precisely how you want your light to be set up.

Advanced Focus System

Technologies that have existed since the first P-series and H-series, such as our world renowned patented Advanced Focus System, are still used and leave no doubt that the new series are genuine Ledlenser products. Many have tried to emulate this patented technology, and many have failed.

7-Year Warranty

As a guarantee of quality, all the new lights of the P & H Series are backed by Ledlenser’s industry-leading 7-year warranty. Comprised of a 2-year standard warranty, which is extendable by a further 5 years by registering your product online.

Magnetic Contact Charging

With this innovation the charging cable can be quickly and easily attached to the light. The connection for charging the

battery is made via magnetic contacts. When the contacts approach, the charging cable automatically pairs with the light. Eliminates the need to remove batteries from the housing.

Universal Connecting System

Thanks to the modular design of this product series, it has never been easier to take advantage of the extensive range of accessories. Our new Ledlenser Connecting System creates a universal interface, which ensures that the respective accessory can be combined across a multitude of torches and headlamps. This enables even more versatility in use and expands usage applications and scenarios without the need to buy different accessories for different lights

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